The Alibi Magazine-Pick Of The Weekend

HEXABILLY HOEDOWN:  Indulge you penchant for sex, rocket-fueled riffs and monster movies with self-described 'hexabilly' quartet Texylvania. Started as a side project of deathrock band Kommunity FK by former L.A. residents Patrik Mata and Sherry Rubber, Texylvnaia blends elements of punk, garage rock and psychobilly to create a sexy-scary sound. And the band looks goood doing it: Both Mata and Rubber have been endorsed by cult fetish clothing company Lip Service and Rubber's been endosred ubiquitous punk hair color purveyors Manic Panic. DJ Mello spins eerie rock records betwen bands. Have a freind help you inyto your tightes vinyl pants, apply excessive eyeliner and head down to Burt's Tiki Lounge on Saturday night April 21st 2012 to see Texylvania perform their 3rd live show in the S.W. (Samantha Anne Carrilo)

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