Patrik Mata In Dr. Martens Book On Fashion

Author Martin Roach contacted Patrik regarding his newest penning:
 "In Dr. Martens: A History of Rebellious Self Expressions".

A chronicle of Britain's most influential brands this book narrative is told through in-depth research,
dozens of interviews with high profile musicians. subcultural individuals, and creative personalities.
Patrik first proudly started wearing Doc Martens boots in 1978 (steal cap of course)!

"A History of Rebellious Self Expressions" is complemented by over 220 photographs
(many previously unpublished~ Hence Patrik's recent photo session shot exclusivley for the pages of said book release), as well as,
rare memorabilia. Many thanks to Mr. Roach putting forth the many pages that make up this new release~ #StandForSomething

"Patrik Mata: Arguably the first musician ever in the United States to wear Dr. Martens" -Martin Roach

Patrik Mata in Dr. Marten Book

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