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Kommunity FK at the Knitting Factory

When you think of L.A.’s goth icons, Roz Williams and Dinah Cancer may be the first to come to mind, but another black-clad gloomster was just as influential. Kommunity FK may have only released two albums, but singer Patrick Mata (a presence both on club stages around town and behind the counters at Melrose’s most trend-setting boutiques in the late ’70s and ’80s) had the menacing mojo and tortured soul of a rock star. It’s been 26 years since those black-bang-shrouded days of “Hollywood death rock” and Mata has been in what he calls a self-imposed exile for the past six years, writing his memoirs. This week, he returns to unveil his new Bowie-inspired material and fiendish faves from KFK’s catalog, including the debut, The Vision and the Voice (which was just re-released). Goth club Release the Bats offers its first L.A. edition for the event, with DJs spinning dark sounds.

Lina Lecaro
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