PATRIK MATA/Patrik FK's Song Roulette

Patrik FK & Sherry Rubber/TexylvaniaPatrik Mata
Song Roulette
By Jessica Cassyle Carr
Photo on left by: Theresa Gomez ~ Photo on right by: Sherry Rubber

Patrik FK is the lead vocalist and guitarist for venerable L.A. death rock band
Kommunity FK. He also heads up local hexabilly punk band Texylvania.
That act—which, full disclosure, includes the husband of yours truly—will be
performing on Saturday in observance of Sanctuary Above the Crypt’s Better Off Than Dead
Graveyard Bash. The one-year anniversary party for the monthly convening of goths also
involves live music, suspension and dark arts performances, and a bevy of DJs.
Black-and-white attire and creative makeup are requested ...
so, you know, leave your tie-dye at home.

We asked Mr. FK to put an MP3 library on shuffle. Below are the random results,
culled from a BlackBerry, with commentary written in his own stylized fashion.

1) “Seventeen (Soulwax Remix)” • Ladytron • Light & Magic (Remixed & Rare)

“I've alwayz loved Ladytron—ever since the very first LP, 604.
The actual beginning ov elektro pop, and at its best.
The recent LP, Gravity The Seducer, is where I leave them.”

2) “I Must Be Dreaming” • Public Image Ltd. • “One Drop"

“PiL is a groundbreaking band lead by John Lydon (ex-Johnny Rotten ov The Sex Pistols).
In its inception the band considered themselves a 'company' in order to create a new
direction far away from the corporate entity that 'punk' had become. PiL has continued
to reinvent itself with new sensitivities under John's urban vision ov an almost
unrecognized England, sold out and homogenized by corporations killing his country's
historic charm and antiquated elegance. This track is taken from their deliberate EP
release to commemorate the international celebration ov Record Store Day this year.”

3) “End Ov The World” • Patrik Mata • Sad Songs For Tortured Souls

“I have been secretly working inside my home recording studio, V&V, producing a
second solo album. I've always adored songs that made me feel melancholy and sad,
so this is my version ov the ’60s classic hit originally sung by Skeeter Davis.
Her version is somewhat childlike so I decided to really become a bit more emotional
when interpreting it, thus giving it a bit ov my natural ‘gothy’ vibe. I luv it.”

4) “The Ghetto” • Donny Hathaway • Only In America: Atlantic Records Soul Classics

“Donny Hathaway is one ov my all-time personal influences as I luv true ’60s soul
and R & B. This song lives on a very thrilling compilation giving tribute to the
best artists who recorded on Atlantic Records. Donny had struggles with mental
illness towards the end ov his life until he committed suicide, but he left behind
one ov the most unforgettable performances that will keep him with us until the end ov time.”

5) “30 Days in the Hole” • Humble Pie • Hot N Nasty

“Steve Marriott is one ov my personal favourite British soul singers and was an
inspiration when I decided to give my entire life to becoming a vocalist. Once a
real mod from the original scene leading the Small Faces, a rocker lived inside ov him,
which led to the founding ov Humble Pie. This song moves me still to this precise moment.
If only I could be as great a performer as he ever was ...”



By Jessica Cassyle Carr/Patrik Matta
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